Configuration and Capacity
Planning Management
MiTECH proactive business to technology analysis and mapping is possible with
the CM & CPM databases feeding each other asset description, relationship, and
control information.   MiTECH applications map, resource model, trend, business
forecast, and financial plan.  With MiTECH, the result is increased IT Service
Management business value.  Why? Because MiTECH starts with a business model
and drills down to the technical CMDB.  MiTECH’s top down approach overcomes
gaps in IT service management understanding that result from discovery based
tools that build up from the technology.

MiTECH's flexible service model help  in proactively measure the health of CIs and
the services they support quickly connects your  business model, organization
structure and technology relationships.   Maximum business understanding comes
from powerful visualization comparing dissimilar business, financial and technical
metrics.  Dynamic reporting has selectable metrics including time period and level
of data aggregation.

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MiTECH's Integrated Service Model shown to the left allows
for easy capacity planning based on business usage.
MiTECH Integrated Reporting drives action by comparing
Business KPIs to Technical Metrics as shown below.
For exapmle, MiTECH reporting compares the number of orders in light blue to network and system metrics.  The
user defined thresholds allow for proactive analysis of over-utilization prior to business service degradation.  This
is easily accomplished because of MiTECH's Business Service Model Template attached to the CMDB Schema.

In the Server - Web07 Report below, the Server CPU Utilization is approaching saturation as the number of orders
increases.  This creates nearly 100% memory utilization as well.  By reviewing the business growth plan, IT can
predict when business service degradation will occur and order upgrades to avoid lost business.

MiTECH's superior modeling capability leads to rapid prototyping of CMDB capabilities and Capacity
Management Planning that other Enterprise Systems take many more month or years to duplicate.  For time to
value, MiTECH is the industry leader.

For more CMDB information, contact us at 805-987-1146 or
Integrating IT Service Support and
IT Service Delivery starting with
Configuration and Capacity Management