MiTECH delivers IT Management reporting that makes sense.  Our team of ex-CIOs
developed Board Room Ready Reports based on Actionable Financial Analysis of
IT’s Strategy, Portfolio, Programs, Projects and Operations.  Using existing
information sources and ERP systems, IT can quickly model today’s resource
utilization and prioritize the organization’s objectives based on maximum business
benefits.  The following charts give a short view from strategy prioritization to
project evaluation using ITin3D’s Board Room Ready Modeling Capabilities.

Strategic IT Alignment:  This is the ultimate aggregation from the data gathered
from HR systems, project tracking input, asset management systems, etc.  Simple
input screens and Excel like formats allow your staff to quickly rank and rate their
operations and projects.  ITin3D supports data aggregation from projects to
programs to strategy with automatic calculations. SAP is the example to the left
has the highest aggregate goal rating.  We will drill into SAP’s value.

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Project Portfolio Ranking: Each project is ranked by several business criteria and
overall business importance.  This allows for a weighted score which considers
customers, business users, suppliers, IT and risk.  SAP is ranking high in all areas.

SAP Demand Planning Enhancements:  SAP has significant costs associated with
its completion as shown below.  The pro forma balance sheet by project can be
rolled up to a program and IT department level.  

Project Business Case:  This is a living document to capture budget and actual
expenditures against plan in the More Accurate Forecast area.  The Project
Business Case reduces scope creep and opens visibility into over runs before it is
too late.

Many other ITin3D capabilities are available to help IT better manage its
resources.  These four reports are just a surface view of what ITin3D can deliver.

For more IT Governance information, contact us at 805-987-1146 or
IT Governance and
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