Data Center Migration/Integration Planning/Management  Services

This service product provides technical/management-consulting services to clients
undertaking data center relocation, consolidation, decentralization, and/or integra-
tion projects.  MiTECH brings a 125 data center project proven methodology to our
projects that is specifically designed for migration/integration projects. The method-
ology is known as the Migration Project Life Cycle (MPLC). MiTECH's MPLC uses
phased building blocks to project planning, development, and implementation.  
Our approach enables management to systematically:  
 (i)   define project objectives and scope,  
 (ii)  monitor & control the project’s planning, development, implementation  
 (iii) most significantly, approve on a step-by-step basis, the costs and labor
       being expended on the projects as such occurs.

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Over the years, this service product has been used by many Clients to migrate from one operating environment to
another.  The methodology is platform independent and undergoes continuous improvement through the knowledge
gained from each project experience.  The MPLC is focused on project and environment control, reducing cost,
establishing an assembly line approach to migration, and reducing the risk of disruption to the operating environment
and users services during the transition, - i.e., "Transition Management”.  

The Planning Methodology yields a comprehensive structured support plan for infrastructure
migration/consolidation/integration projects.  The MPLC can support the requirements of other IT infrastructure projects
as the MPLC is Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) based.  All planning steps, procedures, and deliverables are
pre-developed models in generic form, and PC based.  Experience and specialization is the essential component to
our success.  Using knowledge transfer techniques, our Planning Consultants conduct weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly
planning seminars on-site to assist our client’s staff in tailoring pre-developed planning templates into project
deliverables.  At the same time, project management services are also provided to ensure effective organization and
preparation the client’s IT staff, and to ensure the readiness of the source and target environments for the actual
migration phase of the project.  

Our phased approach provides the following services:  
 I.        Project Startup and Organization Planning (objectives/scope definitions)
 II.       Source Site Inventory and Infrastructure Assessment
 III.      Source/Target Site Requirements and Planning Milestones
 IV.      Detailed Migration Planning and Site Preparation (build-out/Construction)
 V.       Pre-Migration Testing and Certification
 VI.      Implementation

>    Proven structured methodology and planning templates
>    Toolsets to assist client with infrastructure inventory, configuration management, and capacity planning
>    Experience and expertise in systems and applications data migration
>    Pre migration checklists/techniques for systems/application connectivity testing/certification
>    Infrastructure project management experience for network reengineering, cabling systems, command  center
design and construction
>    ITIL Certified Consultants to assist clients with IT Systems Management alignment and organization planning
>    Vendor partnerships and experience in coordinating systems engineers in disassembly, relocation, reinstallation of
computer equipment, cable plants, network equipment/fabric, and data migration
>    Facility engineers available to assist in capacity planning, site selection, facility design, construction contractor
coordination including site reviews and walk-throughs
>    Experienced consultants to develop cutover plan, and setup and participate in relocation command center
operations during the actual migration phase
>    Improved disaster recovery preparedness through actual experience gained by managing and participating in
operations cutover to target data center site; including staffing and team organization, relocating IT infrastructure
assets, verify hardware connectivity, systems startup/IVPs, verifying network connectivity, business application
acceptance testing/verification, and production cutover.  
Data Center Migration
Infrastructure Inventory

Infrastructure Assessment

Detailed Project Plan

Pre-Migration Certification

Project Phases
Migration Project Considerations
For more Data Center Migration information contact us at 805-987-1146 or
Creating Business Value by
Delivering Data Center Projects on Time
using our Migration Project Life Cycle
Methodology built on 25 Years of Experience