IBSM is a unique toolset that integrates service strategy, portfolio management, service configuration management,
demand and capacity management, and service financial management into a single pane of glass in 90-120 Days
Service Strategy (e.g., Retain, Improve, Re
factor, retire, replace, etc.)
Service Features and Functions descriptions
Maps Service relationships to applications,
servers, other services, people and IT
Service Life Cycle operational Status, States
Classifications (e.g., Core, Run the Business,
Discretionary, Non-discretionary Venture, etc
Change Impact Analysis
BIA/DR Service Tiers, RTOs, RPOs, ROCs
Services - people roles and responsibilities
Business demand factors (Users/Seats) and
workloads projections
Linked Supporting Applications
IBSM Service Life Cycle Profile
IBSM Service Profile Life Cycle Manager Home Page
Service Profiles Life Cycle Manager tracks and
manages the following information and data:
Service Health,  Threshold and Availability
Management, and predictive alerting
Environment and Operational status
DR Recovery Priority and Testing requirements
Vendor Information, Licensing. End of Life, End of
Service Life
Availability and Service Level requirements
Financial Information - service cost accumulation
and distribution
Service Charging and cost per unit
Service Recipients ("who use Service")
Service Delivery Channels
Consumer Markets
Strategic Business/IT Initiatives & Projects