IT costs are viewed in ways that do not give buyers an understanding of what they are buying – full transparency to
the business requires that costs must be seen across their value chain
Changing The Dynamic For How IT Looks At Service Costs and Financial Management
IT only views costs in one
Dimension resulting in the
business view of IT as
cost overhead
IBSM-FM adds Service and
Customer dimensions providing
full transparency to the  
business for how IT costs are
consumed uncovering hidden
service value and savings
IBSM-FM DIMENSIONS - Service-based Accounting Practices
  • Provides a fully integrated transparent view of IT costs across assets and services in business terms, and how the business is consuming
    costs using a SaaS based managed service platform
  • Provides the cost per unit of work for each service in business terms
  • Provides cost reports, ledgers and business case templates and reports that are “board room ready”
  • Provides cost accumulation and distribution reports and dashboards in formats that can easily be manipulated by end users and exported into
    Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables, charts, graphs and drill-down reports
  • Enables simulation of IT service portfolio, showback and chargeback options and organizational consumption
  • Captures and cleanses data from existing sources
What SERVICES does IT provide?
What COSTS do we incur for each service?
What DEMAND consumes our services
Are your customers asking tough questions:
If IT Doesn’t Understand These Basics … How Can IT Talk to the Business?
MiTECH's proprietary service based costing
methodology allows organizations to
understand the cost of delivering services:

  • Service based allocation & distribution
    driven by rationalized service
  • Enables financial transparency
  • Utilization and demand driven
  • Service/component cost per unit
  • Multi-dimensional dashboards
  • Costs viewable by Business Service, IT
    Service, Application or cost component
Costs by:
  • Cost Center
  • Assets/Resources
  • Costs Type:
Costs by:
  • Service
  • Unit Cost & Demand
  • Cost By Component
Distribution by:
  • Business/ITService
  • Business Unit
  • Cost Component
  • Chargeback/Showback
  • The Bill of IT
Application by:
  • Direct Cost
  • Total Distributed Costs
  • Cost Types:
  • Maintenance,
  • Enhancements,
  • Projects
  • Maintenance,
  • Enhancements,
  • Projects