MiTECH works with your organization to ensure your vision and scope is defined, supporting Initiatives and related projects are identified, vetted, planned, approved, and successfully communicated to executives and stakeholders and implemented through an industry best practice project lifecycle management solution. We deliver enterprise-wide strategic planning involving feasibility studies, service and technology modernization roadmaps, business merge/acquisition, organizational change management, business cases development and decision support.

Strategic Planning

Utilize deep expertise to address and develop digital  transformation strategy and solutions to solve business issues and problems

Utilize expertise to identify and optimize your technical and business services that are not discoverable

Enterprise Architecture Management

Gain visibility and access to all Business/IT services, reports, projects, infrastructure, applications, technologies and portfolios solutions under a single pane of glass

Integrated Business Service Manager toolsets connects the dots across business/IT services, assets, resources and costs. 

Enterprise Service Management Migrations

Gain fast start methods to quickly migrate current state IT service management platforms to new target state ITSM platforms

Utilize our implementation expertise to migrate from/to any ITSM platform:

  • ServiceNow
  • Cherwell
  • Ivanti ISM
  • Easyvista

CMDB Data Architecture

Migrate supporting CMDB data for services and assets that exists in multiple places to a Common Service Data Model that ties everything together  upstream and downstream for efficient impact analysis to support faster decision making.

Advanced CMDB-CSDM expertise and data  mapping toolsets simplify migration

Application and Technology Rationalization

Optimize operating costs and investments in services, applications and technology by quickly finding redundancies and low value hidden within your IT infrastructure.

Application Portfolio rationalization  expertise and APM toolsets  provide cost data, usage metrics, assessment analytics to determine App value and fit to support business strategy and objectives

Disaster Recovery

Support complex disaster events and business recovery actions, activities, and progress under a single pane of glass with end-to-end capabilities that go beyond just IT recovery

Gain centralized command of all disasters and emergencies

Managed Services

We offer managed services to ensure your ITSM platform operates at peak performance, by helping to maintain platform health, availability, and currency.

MiTECH brings proven experience in providing Cherwell Service Management (CSM) Managed Services and application development support.  We are flexible in tailoring support services to your specific business requirements

Implementation Services

We work with your teams to define and meet business goals and objectives.  Our professional services team of architects, engineers, and project managers bring decades of experience focused on solving business issues and problems delivering innovative solutions.

  • Program Definition and Governance
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Architecture and Technical Implementation
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization

IT Financial Management

Changing the dynamic for how IT looks at Service Costs and Financial Management requires an innovative approach to understanding how the business consumes IT Services and underpinning service assets.

IBSM Financial Manager platform provides disciplines that align technology investments to business value using data driven approach to mapping technology and resource spend to demand from services and applications consumed by the business

Organization Change and Rationalization

Most IT organization are organized around technology silos. Navigating the organizational impact of merger and acquisition, implementing new software, replacing outdated business process can be daunting. OCM Transformation can only be successful if your team a prepared to adopt change.

MiTECH uses PROSCI/ADKAR OCM Methods to help our clients understand the relationships between business and IT services, technology, processes, people, and supporting  roles and responsibilities

Capacity and Performance Management

The business depends on IT to deliver quality services on key applications. As IT transition to hybrid data center, current monitoring tools fail to provided predictive detection of capacity availability and performance impacts related to changing business services demand.

IBSM Capacity Manager integrates with infrastructure monitoring tools to capture server, storage, network configuration baseline data, capacity utilization and application performance metrics, and correlates technology consumption data and metrics to demand from services and applications consumed by the business.