Application Development and Technical Implementation

ITSM tools on the market offer the ability to configure or customize your ITSM solution extending solutions capabilities beyond the traditional IT support organization out into the business to manage non-IT functions and processes. 

MiTECH has extensive experience in custom application development using ITSM software platforms solutions like ServiceNow, Cherwell, Easyvista, and more.  We provide expert guidance to our clients to design, develop, configure and integrate new applications within the ITSM platform’s architecture and customization capabilities assuring future upgrades are seamless.

Our custom application development projects are delivered using hybrid Agile influenced implementation methodology  and Value Realization Management (VRM) incremental life cycle.

Our hybrid Agile influenced project management approach adds customer specific functionality identified in the Design Phase, to the solutions through a series of Configure and Validate phases. This methodology is based on proven project management delivery practices and industry standards.

App Development and Implementation Cycle