IT Financial Management

Making technology investment decisions requires a data-driven approach to ensure you are investing in the right places whether you are cutting IT cost or investing in new service capabilities in support business requirements.

Traditionally IT costs are viewed in ways that do not give business decision makers an understanding of what they are buying – full transparency to the business requires that costs must be seen across their value chain.

It’s for these reasons that aligning business and IT strategy through the integration of enterprise service management architecture and IT financial management (ITFM) is of paramount importance. Otherwise, there will never be a real-time, single source of truth that stakeholders can rely upon to control spending and make informed investment decision.   Adding service and customer dimensions provide full transparency to how IT resources and costs are consumed by the business uncovering hidden service value and savings.

ITMF software platform provides disciplines that help align technology investments to business value using data driven approach to mapping technology and resource spend to the demand of services, applications, technology consumed by the business.