From enterprise strategic planning, portfolio management, application and technology rationalization, to emergency operations and recovery, we deliver enterprise agility for better business outcomes.

Integrated Business Service Manager (IBSM) Connects the dots across business/IT services, assets. resources and costs. Improves visibility into the impact of investment decisions and ROI. IBSM provides an integrated set of 12 applications that provide visibility of the end-to-end enterprise that enable IT to manage the enterprise form a single pane of glass.
Application and Technology Rationalization (ATR) ATR is the means to streamline the application and technology portfolio with the goal of reducing complexity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). ATR Leverages application and technology portfolio cost data, metrics, and assessment analytics to determine application(s) functional and technical value and fit to adequately support the business.
Emergency Operations System Manager (EOS) Gain centralized command of all disasters and emergencies. Supports complex disaster events and business recovery actions, activities, and progress under a single pane of glass with end-to-end capabilities that go beyond just IT recovery.